My Name is Paul Underwood and I am passionate about helping people towards achieving their physical fitness goals, obtaining a healthy level of mental well-being and balancing their Internal Energy System. I have clients of all ages and will help anyone who is looking to increase their level of health and well-being, although I do cater for all ages and levels I specialise in caring for the resilient 50+ generation

I am bringing over 30 years of experience as a dedicated practitioner of Tai Chi, Qigong blended with the latest in Personal Training Techniques to help you find your own unique optimal level of functioning. I offer a holistic approach to health and well- being balancing Mind and Body with the internal energy systems or Qi as it’s known in Traditional Chinese Medicine

When our internal energy system is out of balance our mind and body can become disordered in some way. Balancing the internal energy allows the mind to become calm and makes more energy available for the physical body that supports our overall functioning. It’s not just about being alive but to live a balanced and vibrant life

Personal Trainers can teach you about exercises for the physical body, Tai Chi and Qigong instructors about the inner energy systems. What I bring is a powerful combination of both these disciplines of inner energy cultivation combined with my knowledge as a Personal Trainer to make a dynamic and powerful impact on balancing and strengthening the mind, body and the internal energy

I invite you to try one of my taster sessions or if you are ready to commit book one of the packages below: –

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Share training costs with friend a partner or with small groups
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All training packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase