PAUL UNDERWOODPersonal Trainer Tai Chi Instructor
Thea Sandall
Thea Sandall
06:19 14 May 19
Excellent supportive teacher!
Becca Caddy
Becca Caddy
15:44 13 May 19
I highly recommend Paul as a trainer and martial arts instructor. He's friendly, extremely knowledgable and dedicated to helping people reach peak fitness. His challenging but patient approach has really helped me get back into fitness over the past few months after injury.
Austin Caffrey
Austin Caffrey
16:24 12 May 19
Known Paul for a number of years and would recommend him as a trainer and teacher. Great depth of knowledgeable and experience. I would describe his approach as patient and precise.
Agata Burchard
Agata Burchard
12:53 12 May 19
Kevin Stuart
Kevin Stuart
12:14 12 May 19
Great quality training!
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When I was a young boy there was a show on TV called ‘Kung Fu’ starring David Caradine, it was about a student who was learning martial arts and it’s philosophy from a master and how to apply what he learnt to everyday life. I loved the show so much that at the age of 12 it inspired me to learn ‘Wado-ryu karate’ with N. Kitamura. This was a very traditional, highly disciplined and a sometimes brutal form of training, but at it’s heart it was full of compassion for the student to grow and attain his goal, despite my young age and the tough regime I made it through to black belt.

I became intensely interested in the philosophy and theological beliefs of indigenous traditions which led me to exploring Shamanism and Tai Chi specifically the form of Taijiquan for which I developed a deep passion and went on to study and learn as much as I could. I trained and became a Taijiquan instructor (WBTA registered) as I immersed myself in the practices, my hunger for further knowledge led me to doing a university degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) becoming a certified acupuncturist, physical therapist and QiGong instructor. I also trained as and am a black belt instructor for the World Taijiquan boxing association.
During all of this time I was also inspired by the latest developments in sports science and qualified as a Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and Senior Fitness Specialist.
I continue to keep up to date with traditional Chinese medicine and the latest developments in sports science bringing to my clients a combination of traditional along with the latest techniques in health and well-being.
My passion now is teaching others what I have learnt over the past three decades, guiding individuals and groups of people towards connecting with their own inner energy to support a calmer mind and optimal physical functioning allowing for more balance and vibrancy in life.
I invite you to try one of my taster sessions or if you are ready to commit book one of the packages.
  • WTBA Registered Taijiquan instructor
  • BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Cert. Medical Qi Gong
  • PGCE Teaching
  • Level 2 Gym InstructorLevel
  • 3 Personal Trainer
  • Senior Fitness Specialist