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Tai Chi

Tai chi, also called tai chi chuan, combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. Originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China, tai chi is now practised around the world as a health-promoting exercise.

  • reduce stress

  • tai chi can reduce the risk of falls among older adults who are at increased risk

  • tai chi can improve mobility in the ankles, hips and knees in people with rheumatoid arthritis

  • improve posture, balance and general mobility

  • increase muscle strength in the legs

Taijiquan – the supreme ultimate

Taijiquan is a continuously moving advanced form of qigong/Taoist yoga.
Like any art, it requires a dedication to learn but is a wonderful comprehensive system of physical and mental development. If you are prepared to practice daily you will develop strength, suppleness and inner calm. It also has the ability to be a revered martial art.

Taijiquan – we move

Our primary training is Qi Gong. This is the ancient practice that Taiji originates from and is essentially Taoist yoga. These movements provide a light form of exercise designed to work on specific areas of the body such as the heart or lungs.

Most Qi Gong exercises can be practised by anyone.

From day one we learn ‘three circle standing Zen’. A powerful Qi Gong posture/meditation, where we hold a position for a certain length of time – it can be challenging, however once you have learnt the ability to release muscular tension especially in the shoulders it’s a wonderful feeling of relief.

Qi Gong allows you to get all the great benefits of the internal arts while still in the learning phase of our Taiji practice. Once we know all the choreography, we start performing the form without thinking, it becomes a mindfulness meditation in motion.

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Share training costs with friend a partner or with small groups
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All training packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase


Paul is a wonderful teacher. He has a very calm and patient manner, and always takes the time to make sure you have got the moves right. He is very friendly, and I look forward to his classes every week.

Suzanne Stapleton

Paul has been teaching my partner & I the ‘Old Yang style of Taijiquan’ for a couple of years now. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the art combined with a patient and relaxed teaching style. As novices who knew nothing of the various taiji styles, we feel lucky to have found him as our tutor.

Simon Williamson

I am a new student of Paul’s and am enjoying my weekly lessons with him. His teaching is very clear and he has the ability to break down difficult concepts and movements into simple steps so that you progress. Taijiquan has its fair share of esoteric and mystical ideas but Paul’s approach is to teach that which is practical and with proven health benefits.

Gerald Chan

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Advantages of  Home Visiting Service

Clients find it much more convenient and time efficient to work out at home with me.  I bring the necessary equipment and expertise and they just clear away a space and bring their energy.  In-home personal trainers can also teach clients workouts they can do on their own at home. Again this saves time and is more convenient for the client.  Training someone in their home allows me to keep the focus on them without any distractions.